3 Dreams

Last year Google Chrome teamed up with digital production house B-Reel and experimental director Chris Milk to create an astounding interactive music video for Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown. The short film had office workers clamouring around each others desks and friends sharing it all over Facebook and Twitter in no time. It was a huge success, and deservedly so.

Now Chris Milk and Google are back with their new browser-based experiment 3 Dreams of Black to promote ROME, the new album from musical wizard Danger Mouse and Italian Composer Daniele Luppi (featuring Norah Jones and Jack White). If you enjoyed The Wilderness Downtown you'll freakin' love this. Less 'gimmicky' than Wilderness, the interactive element of 3 Dreams of Black is subtle and the focus is on the beauty of the animation.

Not a wink of Flash of sight, the film challenges the potential of in-browser 3D graphics using WebGL technology. It's a huge commercial contribution to a movement in web-based motion graphics that we'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming years. How exciting.

More on the geekery here. Check out the film here