And It's Live

It’s nearly that time of the year again, relationships will be tested, beer will be guzzled and rivalries overshadow friendships. That’s right the Football season starts for the Premier League this weekend and we’re all very excited (most of us anyway).

Not all the team are avid followers of Football, Nathan, Conor and Laurie casual followers of the game and don’t really have allegiances for any teams. On the other side we have myself, Brian and Jon who are all Football mad.

This season could certainly test relationships in the office with myself and Jon big Manchester United supporters and Brian supporting Liverpool. Brian, being a typical Liverpool fan, is confident it’s their year this year, however I think I may have heard that before.

Like many others we’re hosting our own internal Fantasy Football league which should give us all lots to talk about on Monday mornings. The overall winner will get a night out paid for by the losers.

We’ll also be taking on our good friends Cahoona having set up an inter agency league. After going head to head for Best Newcomer at Big Chip 2011, friendships again will be tested but this time we'll both be newcomers and BLISS will take home the coveted Fantasy Football Champions 2012 award. Game on guys!