Digital Ad Spends reaches £6.3billion in 2013

The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau UK) unveiled their spend figures for 2013 and many more interesting nuggets of information at their Digital Britain conference on Wednesday 9th April. The event was hosted in our home city Manchester, so naturally we went along to see what other knowledge we could gain. Here’s a little bit of what we found out:

  • The total UK spend is up by 15%

  • Mobile ad spend doubles and breaks the £1 billion mark. £1 in every £6 spent is for digital advertising.

  • Tablet advertising spend has increased by a whopping 400%

  • 6 in 10 tablet users have stated it’s their ‘go to’ device.

According to IAB, around 17 million people in the UK own tablets, this averages at around 1 in 4 people. This means that 36% of the UK population using the internet are doing so on their tablets. Two-thirds of them access the internet using a laptop or pc along with another device simultaneously, using a laptop and a smartphone at the same time is something we are no stranger to at BLISS HQ. A sizeable 65% of us like to use our devices while watching television... Browsing Facebook whilst catching up on Coronation Street? Yep.

People were asked what area of their lives would be most affected if they no longer had access to the internet through any device. The results showed banking and finance would be most missed with a percentage of 48%, current affairs in second place with 37% and in third would be staying in touch with family and friends at 35%.

The vast majority of the population has a mobile phone these days, but how many of them are smartphones? The answer to that is 76% which obviously has lead to advertisers investing more in mobile advertising.

Digital all in all, showed that social media advertising on mobile grew 71% to the total of £588.4 million, wowzers. Mobile devices stand for a third of the digital social media advertising.

Video advertising increased to 62% to £324.9m and accounts for around 18% of the entire internet advertising across mobile and online. Mobile display is up a massive 180% to £432.4million in 2013. Lastly, paid for search marketing has increased by 14% to the sum of £3.49 billion.

“Mobile’s huge rise is down to advertisers taking advantage of key developments in the way people use their mobile devices - particularly social media platforms.” - Dan Bunyan, Manager at PwC.

If you would like to know more on the 2013 spend figures from IAB/PwC, you can have a read here.