A handy guide to Google Places

Here @blisshq we've been taking more and more calls about Google Places and I was recently asked by a client to compile a quick guide to optimising a Google Places Page.

Businesses are starting to pay a little more attention to their Places Pages as google gives more weight to Places listings in regular organic searches. Pushing organic search results further down the SERPs.

Prior to this companies relied heavily on 3rd party directories to populate their local listings and these listings often ranked highly in the SERPs. However, a claimed and optimised Google Places page will be given more authority than a 3rd party directory listing as it has been created by the owner with original content.


It’s still important to keep a beady eye on those 3rd party directories as Google will pull details of those listings into the Places Page, such as reviews—even the bad ones!

Handy Guides

Over the coming months we'll be publishing a range of short, easy-to-digest free guides on a range of topics from SEO to design and development, from productivity to creativity and much more. To kick start things we've gone and created A handy guide to Google Places.

We hope you'll find it of use, download it below.

A Handy Guide to Google Places