If You Are Reading This It's Too Late

I have been doing this job at BLISS for a year now, and there is a bunch of stuff I have learnt in that time that I wish I had known when I first started. It would have made my early days at BLISS even more wildly successfully if some form of cognizant time travel was actually possible...

Now, those of you who have watched ‘True Detective’ will have heard that, in fact, time is a flat circle. So assuming that Matthew McConaughey knows as much about quantum physics as he does acting, perhaps it isn’t too late?

Below are some tips that 2016 Me would like to tell the 2015 Me on how to do the job he was clearly always destined to do:

  1. Don’t promise the world. Promise to deliver what is needed. BLISS don’t just want one-off clients, we want productive partnerships, and the best way to encourage that is an open and honest dialogue.
  2. Try to avoid using movie references when illustrating to a potential partner how we work as an agency. BLISS strives to maintain a very high standard of quality when it comes to what we produce, but Pixar comparisons help no-one and confuse everyone.
  3. Avoid suit and ties at meetings. Smart casual is the way forward. Saying that, please avoid wearing your blue brogues with blue khakis in public. Please.
  4. Say “I don’t know” when you need to. Don’t pretend you know all the answers. Your job is to listen. Go plumb the depths of BLISS knowledge and then come back with answers promptly.
  5. Get your business card, the one with your face on it, printed for your first day on the job. It is awesome and people will love it and ask for one off you all the time.Tiru's Business Card

    Details on the front, face on the back.

  6. If you can’t get everyone you need from BLISS into the pitch, reschedule the pitch. BLISS is made up of some very talented people and potential clients deserve to meet them when possible.
  7. Avoid asking celebrities you encounter in meetings for selfies.
  8. It is easy to spout ideas. It is more impactful and useful if your ideas spring from a solid place of understanding. So listen more and talk less.
  9. New business will bore the crap out of you if you are constantly unleashing the sales spiel to everyone. So don’t have a sales spiel.
  10. Offer to make tea and coffee for the office more often. Don’t be scared just because it was probably you that broke the machine during your first month on the job.
  11. BLISS is a very data-driven agency so ask any new partners to share what information they can about their digital activities. This will allow you to focus your proposed solution and providing one that is informed by clear evidence.
  12. You will never improve at table football.

If your business needs a digital solution to a challenge you are facing I'd love to talk you through how we can help. Please get in touch and ask to talk to Tiru.