It's Going to Rain

Jon was lucky enough to win the auctioned tickets for the BLAB7 night at Deaf Institute on 20th April.

It's promises to be quite an event, with speakers Jon Humphreys and Ben Davies from design and animation studio The Neighbourhood, and Fred Deakin and James Greenfield from London's Airside. Tickets sold out faster than a Take That concert but we were lucky to win one of the final pairs, at quite a steal, on the eBay auction.

We're pretty excited about the event. Besides the free bottle of wine and top seats, we've also been massive fans of Airside's work for years. It's great to see that since the early days and the Lemon Jelly days and the growth of the studio, they've still managed to retain their signature style, whilst the quality of work has done nothing but improve.

Here's a little taster of one of their recent animations. It's just real pretty. Like all their stuff, we wish we'd made it!