January Sales

It’s been a busy few months at BLISS, we’ve won some new clients that we’re very excited about (more on that soon), and had some in-house expansion that we’re equally excited about. The search was admittedly tough, but we have finally found what we’ve been looking for: John Hopley and Martin Tietz.

Both keen web developers, they originate from very different parts of the world - John is from Liverpool, England, and Martin, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany. We’re hoping their unique blend of influences join together in perfect harmony (once the language barrier is out of the way).

John joined the team last December, originally going under the name of ‘Scouse John’, later ‘Cool John’ (his idea), and finally, John. He began his journey into web development at college, later going on to study Multi Media Systems at Liverpool John Moores University.

He has always wanted to work in the creative media industry, somewhere a bit exactly like BLISS. We aim to please.

As well as extensive technical knowledge and experience, John has brought a fresh bout of banter to the team, taking all the Liverpudlian jokes like a true sport. On the topic of sport, his skills on the football table have yet to be decided, but there’s definitely room for improvement, and luckily plenty of time to improve.

John describes himself as ‘the missing centrepiece in a Last Supper/BLISS jigsaw puzzle’, which if we had the option to purchase, we probably would.

"BLISS is where I belong"
John Hopley

Martin joins us this week after completing his masters degree in eBusiness in Cottbus, which he informs us is still in Germany and not Poland. He is on a four month internship at BLISS, looking to improve his English and technical skills, as well as meet new and interesting people.

We can’t promise he won’t pick up a Mancunian/Liverpudlian/Irish/Northern/Southern twang, which could be interesting, but we are sure he’ll love BLISS and engage in some highly interesting conversations, honest.

"I love BLISS already"
Martin Tietz

And also worth a mention, Martin is passionate about football (especially Borussia Dortmund) and hopes that the team make a stop in Manchester on their road to the Champions League final in 2013. We’re optimistic.