The Magnificent Mr.doob

Mr.doob, real name unknown (although we like to think he's called Gustavo), has doing some pretty nifty stuff with javascript and canvas and all those toys the cool kids are playing with nowadays.

Reminds me of the boundary breaking work Joshua Davis used to do with Flash (

As of yet I've yet to see anything we could personally apply to a project, but we need such pioneers to help lay the flags, sow the seeds and inspire us for what may become commonplace in digital design over the next few years. Remeber when Clearleft did that sly parallax background on the Silverback website? At the time everyone thought it was cool, but couldn't imagine how they'd realistically get round to implementing it themselves. Well, visit any web design showcase website now and have a swim in all that delicious parallax goodness.

Although I'm not sure what part he played, Mr.doob was involved in the Ro.Me - 3 Dreams of Black project with Chris Milk, which I'm always blown away by. So, Mr.doob, definitely one to look out for.