Mobile hat-trick for RRG Group

The latest edition to our mobile portfolio is the creatively titled 'RRG Used Cars' app. We're very proud of it - its unique, form-free search facility, and push notifications set it apart from the competition (believe me - we've tried them all!).

And best of all, every car available is manufacturer-guaranteed and supplied from a trusted, local business - RRG Group. If you're based in the North West and looking for a used car, this is the app for you.

Also, if you visit on your phone you'll notice a mobile-optimised website. This simplified version of the main website allows customers to search their regularly-updated used car database, view car details and book test drives. If you're lucky enough to have a GPS-enabled device, you'll get pointed towards your nearest RRG showroom, or you can browse all the centres by manufacturer to find the one you are looking for.

And the hat-trick is completed with the release of a new version of our much-applauded expense and mileage tracking app, iClaimIt. A simple interface and innovative features have made this app very popular amongst its users - it's even been showcased in T3 magazine! And there's more to come - over the course of the year we're looking forward to rewarding our loyal users by adding a few of the excellent suggestions they've made.

Take a look and let us know what you think via iTunes or the comments.