Moments of BLISS

Here at BLISS HQ we decided to celebrate a successful first year with a little self-promotion. But how could we spread word of our excellent online marketing, web design and mobile development services? By giving out delicious chocolate chip cookies to the hard-working business-folk of Manchester of course!

Admittedly, it's not the most obvious solution to the problem.

What we didn't want to do was to just tell people how great we are. We're not the only agency to claim to be the best. Neither are we alone in claiming excellent value. Businesses have heard it all before.

Instead, we decided to tell people a little about who we are. We're approachable. We're honest. We're helpful. We want people to enjoy working with us. And what better way to communicate this then by handing out no-strings-attached gifts. 500 yummy, home-baked, sugary, biscuity gifts in fact. A moment of BLISS for everyone.

Being digital obsessives, we couldn't help but add an online element to the campaign. Our Moments Of BLISS map showed cookie drops as they happened, picking up geotagged tweets from our intrepid delivery team*. Back at HQ we monitored responses from our 'Where are my cookies!' form, sending out more biscuits to those that missed out in the first round. And not forgetting Twitter - we tracked thanks, comments and confused recipients throughout the day, and saw the #momentsofbliss hash tag trend in Manchester.

So - other than indigestion, what did we take home from the campaign? It opened some doors for us - we have a few projects on the horizon. We've met some interesting new people, both in and out of the digital industry. And we had a good time. The highlight for us though, is that we've raised awareness of what we're all about - making interesting, useful and beautiful things for people, and thoroughly enjoying it.

* And without these kind (and very talented) folks it would never have happened: Tom Wilkes (@thebrainroom), Liam Foy (@foymania), Dan Woolfie (@danwoolfie), Holly Lampe (@hollylampe) and Emily Hague (@EJHague). Look them up!