More Light, New Noise - Principles of BLISS #1

The new Customer Experience Manager at BLISS on how digital agencies talk about themselves, coming to the decision that the best way to make yourself heard is, well, by not talking about yourself.

Digital agencies make too much noise.

I have been in this industry for less than 12 months, and the amount of chatter from agencies, on their websites, their LinkedIn, their blog, their Twitter, is dense and concrete and brutal.

I work for BLISS. It is the first agency I have ever worked in as a full-time, permanent member of staff. BLISS really don’t know how to shout about themselves. We are a hard-working, unpretentious, group of people who understand what we do, the true value of what we do, and just do it.

We build websites and apps that support digital marketing activities designed to engage target audiences. That’s it. We do what a lot of other agencies in Manchester do. We do it well, and not because we say so, but because our clients and their customers say so. We are honest and realistic and ambitious. We have been for over 5 years.

That doesn’t mean we have stumbled onto any secrets to success, or “life hacks”, or business philosophies dressed up as life philosophies. Much to my chagrin, as a new business and customer experience professional, we won’t start generating a plethora of content marketing espousing our expertise. Because there’s too much of that. Because it will just get lost amidst the torrent of “how to…” articles and e-newsletters and Richard Branson quotes.

Our sole secret is that we make our clients happy by helping them making their customers happy, until everyone’s happy. We aren’t rock stars or digital messiahs, we are designers and developers and people-people (that’s the term I am using for those like myself who can’t draw or code but who love helping individuals express their passions and goals).

However, I do want people to hear about BLISS more. How can I do this without adding to the noise? By not talking about us, but talking about you. About you people of Manchester, not just BLISS, who get their heads down and make truly inspiring and interesting things because like us, you love what you do. 

There’s a lot of talk of UX, and UI, and customer-centric and ROI and journeys in technology and marketing and the creative industries. But let’s stop talking about users here. Let’s talk about producers, producers who put the hearts and the blood into these machines.

And so, I am starting Principles of BLISS, a series of short interviews with people who do cool things around Manchester that bring a little light into the North West.

Maybe I’ll learn something new in the process, for myself and for BLISS.

Either way, more light, new yet less noise, from now on.