Online banking experiences

In 2000, I signed up to a Cahoot account.

I was excited at the idea of a new, innovative, online-only business - finally, a bank that understood the potential of digital! Their site fit in with contemporary design trends, they introduced the concept of a ‘webcard’ (something Final are trying to bring back) and they promised an online experience that was far removed from the archaic status quo.

cahoot logo

But alas, the dream was just that. The site was a pain to use and limited in functionality. Things were often broken, and unless they were critical, the problems were rarely fixed. 

Sites like have shown the value software can add to personal finance management, but these systems are often too far removed from banks to be of any real value (in the UK at least).

So where are we now, almost 15 years after Cahoot came on the scene? Have the banks caught up, providing a rich experience for their customers? 

As a First Direct customer (another online-only bank), I’d have to say not at all.

But my own personal experience is limited to one, so I thought I’d ask around the office to see how other banks are using design and technology to help their customer’s manage their finances. In part 2 I’ll share the BLISS team’s experience of their bank’s offerings - who (if anyone) is leading the way in this area?  

We’ll then look to put together a case study for the dream online bank - how will it look, what tools will it provide and how will it interact with its users?

What about you? Are you particularly happy or unhappy with your bank’s online facilities? What would you like to see from your bank’s website? Let us know in the comments, or fill out our to contribute to the study.

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