Park Owners increase Digital Budgets

BLISS have specialised in holiday park websites since we were born. For a long time it was our bread and butter. So we were chuffed when a bunch of the team had the pleasure of attending the annual BH&HPA conference last month in London—a conference dedicated to serving and representing the interests of the British holiday parks industry. It’s not often we go to conferences that don’t discuss aesthetics and analytics!

Throughout the conference we got the chance to meet and natter with numerous holiday park owners about the challenges and successes of marketing and promoting their businesses, through social media and search marketing to UX and responsive web design. So, I suppose we did end up discussing aesthetics and analytics after all!

We found that the majority of park owners understand the importance of having an online presence and were looking to increase their future digital marketing budgets, but it’s still murky waters. And that’s totally understandable. We get so wrapped up in our world every day that it seems so obvious to us.

But have you ever bought a mortgage, parachuted out of a plane or heck, even learned to drive? I’m sure most of you have (apart from the skydiving bit). And as easy as it may seem from the outside, there’s actually more to it than you think.

The same goes for the deep and elaborate world of digital. Multivariate testing and information architecture may be talk of the trade for us, but they can be pretty daunting to people whose focus lay outside our domain.

So we decided to put a little handbook together to help holiday park owners (and everyone, really) out. It’s part guide to digital, part ‘things to look out for in 2014’, and part sales pitch. We have a few nice smelling (it’s really nice paper) copies left in the office if you’d like one sending out, otherwise you can view or download a PDF version here.

The guide covers a range of topics from responsive design through digital marketing, conversion rate optimisation, social media and email marketing. Sounds fun, no?

Of course, if do find the guide useful or interesting, and would like to have a chat with us about what we can do for your business, our contact details are just below in the footer.

Have a nice day!