Tag Team

As the blistering summer sun bakes down on our Manchester office, fans whir and our team sweats away, dehydrated and dizzy, gasping for each glass of water and the end of the working day.

Nope, hold on a minute, no. This is Manchester and the mercury's barely brushed 20c. However, things have been heating up in the BLISS office with a string of launches, new client wins (more to come on those soon) and the introduction of 2 new stars to the team.

Liam McCabe (@liampmccabe) joins us for 12 months on a sandwich on his sandwich year from MMU. Bringing an array of well-honed skills to the table, including crisp contemporary design abilities, front-end wizardry and modestly disguised (so I've been told) football skills—we're looking forward to getting him stuck into some exciting web projects and some games on the pitch.

"Frankly, I think working at BLISS this year is going to change my life, forever."
McCabe, Liam 


Emma O'Rourke (@miss_orourkewill be taking the reigns on copywriting for both ourselves and our clients. As you can see, we're not the best at it ourselves and as our client base and their demand for social media management and content rich websites grow, it's become no longer feasible to rely on freelancers. She speaks a bit posher than the rest of us (except Jon), possibly because she's from... down south...

"Getting to do what I love, writing, all day every day makes me so happy!"
O'Rourke, Emma


All joking side, we welcome the newcomers to the team. We're looking forward to having a great time together.