The Times They Are a-Changin'

Whilst the thought of moving an entire office might have been too much for some, here at BLISS we took it in our stride and managed to move an entire 120 ft, which is appropriately 36.57600 metres. To help you visualise this more easily, if everyone at BLISS, and their twins, created a human chain we could make a bridge between Jon's new window and his old window.

This achievement marks an important time for BLISS, so much so that we’ve even bought a new biscuit tin. On a more serious note, we’re expanding and growing, which together can only mean good things. The new office currently holds a few too many cardboard boxes, wires and the occasional builder, but we’re not complaining - quite the opposite.

"This move is the biggest thing to happen to BLISS since BLISS."


If you’re eager to see what all the fuss is about or just fancy a nosey at our new abode, check out the video below, made by the wonderful Liam McCabe. We feel this video says a lot about the team, thoughtful and reflective, yet quietly productive and eager to embrace new challenges.

Watch this space.