Warning: this is probably the best blog post ever. Carry on.

Anyone working in a creative agency and lucky enough to be the recipient of their website’s contact form submissions will know that processing job and internship requests is a regular part of most days. On the whole these look very similar... ‘will work for free', ‘proficient in making tea and coffee’ and so on. But every now and again you get something special, something that stands out.

In fact our very own Mr Conor Clafferty first made contact with BLISS with such a email containing two short sentences:

“This job is actually very suited to me. You should probably see my CV.”

Any interest an email happens to build at this point will obviously have to be backed up with a portfolio, or CV or what not - but actually getting someone to take to time to look at these credentials is the tricky first hurdle for job-hunters. Today BLISS got an email which from Kuba Bartwicki, a polish student who leaped this hurdle like Sally Gunnel in her heyday, and who has the portfolio to back it up.

I can’t say what exactly it is about Kuba’s email that made it jump out at me. The arrogance confidence and rhetorical questions certainly helps but I think more than that it is the way the tone walks daringly close to, without ever actually becoming "quirky" - a pet hate of mine. Whatever it is it works, and gave us the opportunity to hire the greatest employee our company ever had, an opportunity we've sadly had to pass on.

If you want to check out Kuba's portfolio visit http://eraevion.net, or contact him on jakub@eraevion.net.