Web and Mobile Development apps we like

At Bliss we’re always looking for ways to help make our days more productive. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of software that does just that, making our working lives more enjoyable and managing time easy.

To make it easier to digest we've split the list into 5 parts covering different areas of working in a digital marketing agency. Meet the first in the series below.

Web and Mobile Development

We love Coda here at Bliss (we know, we know - another list with Coda in - what can we say?) and think it’s a fantastic IDE. It lets us manage our Terminal sessions, saves us time by auto-completing our code and does lots of other lovely things that generally speed up development time. It’s probably the perfect IDE for our uses. 

However, our Senior Developer Conor Clafferty has been causing a stir in the office with his ditching of Coda as his preferred IDE and his subsequent decision to spend more time on the powerful and overlooked Aptana Studio 3.  On his recommendation we decided to take a closer look at what Aptana has to offer. 

Don't Judge an IDE by its GUI

At first look Aptana Studio 3 is quite daunting and isn't the prettiest piece of software but some of it’s unique features really make it stand out. Once you get past the outer shell the goodies that await you inside certainly make up for it.

Browser Specific Tagging

Aptana really seems to want to make our job easy. It has a really handy feature that tells us which browser the code we’re currently typing is compatible with. No more having to look up which browser the opacity property will work with. 

Cross Platform

Aptana is built with Java which has its benefits; mainly that you can run Aptana on Windows, Mac and Linux and don’t have to pigeon-hole yourself to one environment. Downside, Aptana is heavy; as you’d probably expect from Java applications. At times it can be very resource hungry although it’s still more streamlined than Eclipse.

The All-in-One IDE

Interesting news for Aptana's future development is that multi-platform mobile application company Appcelerater - who produce the mobile development framework Titanium - have bought into it. This will see Titanium framework built into the Aptana IDE and create an all round programming solution software. As mobile and web specialists this is great news: it means we won’t have to constantly switch between development windows or clutter our workspace with more apps than we need. Everything is under one umbrella.

Final Thoughts

I’ve covered only a handful of features that Aptana has, it comes with everything you’d expect from a modern IDE and more. Some may not like Aptana just for the fact that it isn't the most aesthetically pleasing environment to work in, however we think it has some genuinely great features that can’t be overlooked. With the mobile development features coming in the near future it’s certainly a piece of software we want to invest more time in. Plus, did I mention it’s free?

Use Aptana in your daily work? Let us know in the comments.