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Communicating with existing and potential customers, as well as other businesses in your industry, has never been easier than it is today. Facebook and Twitter may be the obvious choices but there are a multitude of other platforms on which you can engage with your audience, including Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn. At BLISS, we can manage as much of your social media output as you require as well as creating accompanying content on your own site and the sites of relevant third parties.

"We at BLISS understand that what goes on behind the scenes of your website is only half of what makes your online presence successful.  How you interact with and appeal to your customers also plays a big part in generating visits to your site"

Social Media Manager, BLISS

Services include:

Social Media Management & Scheduling

It can be challenging to research and post fresh content on your social accounts day after day.  Writing a Facebook status or sending a Tweet may seem like a two-minute job, but to really engage with and interest your followers you need to make sure you’re thinking about what to post, which can require a fair bit of background research. 
BLISS can take this weight off your mind by managing your social media accounts for you, as well as conducting all the research required to ensure you’re consistently posting high-quality, relevant and informative content. We also have the capability to schedule your social media output as far in advance as you wish, so whether there’s an embargo on a certain news piece or you simply want to plan in advance to ensure a consistent output, we’ve got all bases covered.

Online Partnerships

In order to maximise the visibility of your website to consumers and contemporaries in your sector, it’s important to build up relationships with similar businesses or industry publications. It can be difficult to know where to start with this but we are dedicated to researching and communicating with the most influential companies in any given sector to raise awareness of your business.
Our professional manner and networking skills have seen us secure endorsements and, more importantly, links to our clients’ sites. We can also create promotional content on your behalf for inclusion in industry publications. We’re also happy to find and research the most lucrative link-building leads for you by checking out a page’s rank and traffic stats before approaching them.

Content Creation and Curation

Ok, so your website looks the part, but does it talk the talk? Your content should be interesting and well-written from the headlines right down to the blogs. Our in-house copywriting service can take care of all your wording on-site and incorporate key words and phrases that we identify through our analytics tools. In addition, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the latest news from insiders in your sector.  By targeting and following influential people and businesses through social networks, we can see the news as it breaks and choose the most relevant stories for you to share, repost and respond to on your own site. 

Competitions & Giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie, and we’ve masterminded many a giveaway for our existing clients. There is no limitation on how this is executed - whether through social media widgets or a form on your own website, you can get as creative as you want. We have also successfully built partnerships through online giveaways, by offering another company within your industry the chance to offer a prize in return for publicity.  Competitions are also a great way to attract new customers and with our expertise and writing messages and slogans, you can rest assured that the finished result will be highly shareable.

Facebook Apps

Offering your Facebook fans something to play with always goes down well. These can be used as a means for followers to enter a competition but are not limited to this - our current portfolio of Facebook apps includes everything from quizzes to photo effects. Show your fun side or conduct a survey; it’s up to you. We have the technology and expertise to create it and will handle all the promotion for you across all online channels to encourage traffic.

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