Sculptor, snowboarder, programmer, footballer, father. Rubbish at all but one.

Born and bred on the mean streets of Surrey and Berkshire, Jon's formative years were an ongoing struggle of day-to-day existence in an 80's suburban ghetto. But where many surrender to inevitable decline—a job in the accounts department of Unilever, Mercedes estate housed in a double garage, biannual family holiday to Majorca—Jon strived to achieve more. Working as an office temp by day and artist by night, he developed his creative and technical skills, eventually earning a coveted place at Liverpool Art School, studying Fine Art.

I love knowing that I have a team I can trust completely.

Managing Director

But while those dark days of provincial mediocrity were now behind him, Jon never forgot his roots. Working as an artist by day and an office temp by night, he developed a working knowledge of an exciting new way to share inappropriate images - a thing we now call Internet.

After successful tours at Nokia, Marconi and AstraZeneca helping hopelessly baffled software developers with this emerging technology, Jon eventually moved to the 51st 46th best city in the world to ply his trade - Manchester.

Those distant home counties' ambitions have now been achieved and he's settled in rural Didsbury Village with his wife and 2 children. Jon is now the MD of BLISS, devoting his life to helping middle-class creatives, developers and marketeers like himself find a place to work, live and play table football in safety.

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