Chief Procrastinator

After a harrowing youth travelling around Europe with the circus, Nathan managed to run away at the age of 16, first hitchhiking across Ukraine and Belarus before sneaking into Russia and lucking his way into a job as a cleaner on the Trans Siberian Express. He eventually found his way to Beijing, and in desperate need of money worked his way into an underground poker tournament.

Be not inhospitable to strangers, lest they be angels in disguise

(some literary dude)

A story so crazy...

When things turned awry in the Chinese capital, a close call with the Triads persuaded him to hit the road again, and he joined a Buddhist pilgrimage to Tibet. After months of silent trekking they reached the snowy, flag strewn heights of Lhasa. Dreams of setting up a small patch of terrace to till his crop entered his mind, before the Chinese government took a unjustified disliking to him and tried to imprison him on false charges. On the road again, he fled Tibet in a gruelling chase over the Himalayas to Katmandu. But a mistake in navigation in Sikkim led him south and eventually to the city of Calcutta.

...It might just be true

Poor and starving he joined a global shipping fleet based out of the city. It was here that life started to pick up. He learned how to play the guitar and improved his English with the help of a fellow deckhand. Over time they became the best of friends and traversed the globe together, hopping from vessel to vessel. But after 2 years his mentor and closest friend was accidentally killed in a tragic explosion off the coast of Jakarta. Filled with despair and loss but with a purse full of pennies, Nathan decided to take a chance on some distant relatives he knew in England.

It was in 2006 his life changed forever. A great aunt and uncle living in Marple, South Manchester took him in and he finally settled into a normal life. His uncle taught him the basics of design, his aunt passed on her expertise in the kitchen. A quick learner, he wasted no time putting his tired hands to the keyboard, mouse and kitchen knife. Several years later, he founded a small digital marketing agency with a few friends called BLISS. And since then has never looked back.

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