Leveraging Tech to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Argyll Holidays wanted to develop a web console for their holiday home owners. This project focused on providing functionality to improve customer service, reduce costs and provide new marketing opportunities. It would also act as a base for further future developments.

The Client

BLISS have worked with Argyll Holidays over the last four years to continually develop their digital presence, seeing strong results along the way.

They own and operate holiday parks in seven stunning locations within the region of Argyll, Western Scotland.

The Challenge

Argyll Holidays aim to deliver high levels of service to customers who own holiday homes on their parks. They approached us to leverage technology to help meet this goal. The result was the Owner’s Portal project.

The project had numerous objectives:

  • Offer improved customer service to holiday home owners.
  • Encourage holiday home owners’ to feel a deeper sense of community.
  • Reduce Argyll Holidays’ administration costs.
  • Provide a marketing tool to increase upselling, and cross-selling opportunities.

The initial build of the project took only one month but was followed by a period of beta testing and improvement.

The Process

Before planning a solution, through in-depth discussions with Argyll’s marketing and customer service departments, we developed a full understanding of the problems we were attempting to solve.

Next, we planned website functionality that would meet the project’s objectives. Over time we refined this functionality down to 5 key features ensuring simplicity of the console.

The Owner’s Portal is, at its heart, a functional tool. So, we placed a strong focus on the UX of the console. We wanted users to have an enjoyable experience, no matter whether they were checking the latest events at their park, or paying site fees.

The target audience of the Owner’s Portal is a more mature generation, who are often less advanced internet users. With this in mind, the console had to be simple to use.

Following the soft launch, beta testing allowed Argyll’s holiday home owners to access the console and provide feedback. We used this feedback to improve the portal in an agile manner.

The Solution

The Owners Portal is comprised of five features which help Argyll achieve the objectives identified at the start of the project:

  • Statements - this is a fully featured account management tool allowing payment of invoices online and much more.
  • Feedback & Enquiries - allows Argyll’s staff to communicate with owners from within the portal.
  • Special Offers - provides promotion owner specific special offers.
  • Holiday Home Offers - allows promotion alternative holiday homes that are for sale.
  • Owners Events - listing holiday home owner specific event. Making it possible for Argyll to build a stronger sense of community amongst owners.

The Owner Portal integrates with ParkVision (Argyll’s booking management software) as well as SagePay payment gateway.

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