Heart of the Matter

AstraZeneca approached us to develop a tool that helps doctors identify and treat cardiovascular diseases (CVD).

There was the possibility of having to roll this great tool out to more than just iOS and iPad so it had to flexible and device agnostic from the go.

Tom Wilks
Front-end Developer

The pharmaceutical giant had developed a CVD treatment guideline toolkit for their Medical Affairs personnel, but it needed to be portable, easy to use, and allow them to respond rapidly to unsolicited questions from healthcare professionals. So BLISS created an iPad application to support AstraZeneca’s work with the following cardiovascular (CV) risk factors: dyslipidemia (lipids), arterial hypertension (blood pressure) and diabetes mellitus (hyperglycaemia, glucose).

One of the biggest challenges we faced was working out how AstraZeneca could manage their content and transfer it onto an iOS app. As the app would be locked down from internet access we had to provide an easy way for them to do this and for us to constantly build and manage it. We built it in static HTML to tackle this, and had to be able to take CSS and JavaScript to make it perform and feel like a native iPad application.

We used Drupal as the underlying content management system. This would provide a simple and clean interface for AstraZeneca to input their content. Once we had content we could dynamically create all the pages and hierarchy of the data using custom PHP and Drupal’s underlying framework.

We built the site using a fully fluid grid and the latest hardware accelerated CSS3 transition and animation properties to give it an native app-like feel. This could then technically be used for both iPhone and iPad with minimal changes. We could also technically deploy to the web or other mobile platforms such as Android if that was an avenue that AstraZeneca wanted to explore in future. 

The next step required us to make a static copy of the Drupal installation. We could then pull that into Titanium and begin to create better “device” interaction experiences using the Titanium software development kit. Once that was done we had the option to export to all major platforms. In this case, however, only iPad iOS was required.

The project was a very interesting one for BLISS, being in the healthcare sector with a different kind of priorities and customer concerns. But 80% of the project involved using tools and knowledge we use everyday.

We take confidentiality very seriously at BLISS so are unable to show you what we created. But please do contact us for a demo of this app and to get a better idea of what we can create for you.

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