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Little Black Dress is the world’s largest collection of little black dresses, stocking everything from high street favourites to independent labels. LBD approached BLISS to take responsibility of the technical side of their site, looking to fix and improve multiple features. We embraced the opportunity to work with a leading name in online retail.

The LBD site was originally made from open source components, all of which worked separately but not so smoothly together. We aimed to augment the site by blending such parts, making it far easier, and nicer, to use.

After initial amendments, we began work on their product listing, creating filters to organise stock and improve search options. By improving and widening category choices, the site instantly became easier to navigate, taking far less time and effort to locate potential purchases.

Alongside improving product listings, we introduced google products integration, presenting stock to a wider audience. We also developed an API to update stock across multiple platforms to ensure all items maintained their correct status.

Step by step, we’ve used research and analysis of current user behaviour to progressively improve the customer experience. But regardless of this progress, we’re excited about potential advancements in the future, and the new ideas we’ll be rolling out.


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