Responding to coronavirus effectively

We’re in an uncertain time and the situation is changing rapidly. How we respond & adapt to this situation now will determine how we fare once it has ended - and it will end.

We've started to pull together some useful content to help our friends and customers manage their work in this difficult time. These articles will provide advice on how to use digital and marketing to support your customers, work effectively, and strengthen your business.

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Creating Integrated Marketing Strategies

The Power of Marketing podcast is back! This time, we're looking at how to get started with integrated marketing strategies and how to lay the foundations for future marketing success. Enjoy our podcast, transcript and a whole lot of resources by clicking the link below


Online Tools to Help Boost Your Design Skills

We’ve once again cornered our Creative Director, Mark to ask him all about design tools he recommends - from the perfect software for beginners, to great places for inspiration - plus a few more design nuggets of wisdom.


2020 Design Trends

This week we caught up with Bliss's Creative Director, Mark, on the top website design trends of right now. He gave his insight into how to make a website look modern, as well as some general top tips for all design work.

Ever wondered what the websites of the future will look like? Some of Mark's chosen trends are pretty cutting-edge. Check out all five here:


How Paid Advertising Can Give You the Edge

Paid advertising can be a daunting subject to dive into, but we've outlined some basics about paid advertising, some key considerations, and our usual dose of advice, tips and tricks for running an effective campaign.


2020 Social Media Tips, Tricks and Tools for SMEs

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best-practice advice for using social media in 2020, focusing on Facebook and Instagram for beginners. Plus, we’ve listed some effective, free tools, to help you use the networks more easily!


Social-First, Customer-Focused Marketing

Tune in to Bliss's first-ever podcast (or Blisscast as we'll be calling them) where we discuss adjusting your marketing strategy to renew customer confidence in a post-lockdown marketplace, and how we'll be doing this for our clients!

It's a Q&A with John-Paul, our Digital Marketing Manager, who's been said to have one of the smoothest voices in the Manchester digital scene.

If you'd rather read though, we've also written out a transcript of the Blisscast, so you may feast your eyes or ears.


Make the Most of Email Marketing

In the marketing world, emails are often relegated to being a quick means-to-an-end to message your network. But good email marketing can be hugely lucrative for your business, once you know what to focus on...


Practical Website Tips for Coming out of Lockdown

This article gives advice on the practical ways on how to show you are ready for business. We’re delving into what national companies have been doing, statistics on how people want to be updated during the coronavirus period, and have some expert advice from Bliss’s CEO - Jon Stutfield. 



AKA: Do It Yourself Conversion Rate Optimisation For the Win!

Bliss CEO, Jon Stutfield, covers how you can convert your website visitors to customers, by taking simple steps to improve the pages and their performance. Watch the recording of his presentation, or read the transcript! 


Light at the End of the Tunnel

It has been a difficult few months, but there is finally a glimmer of hope that this may all be ending!

This article outlines our recommended marketing activities you can do in preparation for reopening stronger than ever before*. Plus, our Paid Marketing Manager answers some frequently asked questions about what you should be doing with your paid marketing budgets.

*Sorry Garden Centres, you're on your own with this one...


How to Blog Effectively in 2020

Do you ever feel like you spend loads of time and effort on writing blog posts, only for them to not get the attention you were hoping for? You're not alone!

This guide looks at three proven blogging strategies which you can implement into your marketing plans and start making a difference with today!


SEO Steps to Start Taking Today!

SEO is often perceived as the dark arts of marketing... a tricky subject, requiring technical expertise and years of experience.

But SEO is a science, not a magic! You just need to know where to start. Which is why Bliss has written this expert guide of free, easy-to-use resources, so you can get going on improving your website's SEO today.


Ideas for Creating Compelling Non-Coronavirus Content

Are you tired of Coronavirus occupying the headlines?

Chances are your customers are too.

This blog has a number of ideas and examples of content you can produce which don't mention the c-words - coronavirus or covid-19!


Guide: How to Give Your Website the Ultimate Spring Clean

Don't rest on your laurels during the Coronavirus period... now is the perfect time to do a deep spring clean on your website! 

Improve your website’s visibility, strengthen your reputation and will leave you in the strongest position possible when people are ready to shop again.

We have created the ultimate guide of 16 practical spring cleaning ideas, including directions of what to do, so you can get going today!


Communication Guide - How To Get Your Message Across Clearly

Communication with your customers has never been more important than right now.

This guide will focus on the proactive side of things. Firstly, on the basics of effective digital communication and then - some practical tips on communication during the Coronavirus era.


A checklist of ideas to do during Covid-19

To help businesses stay on top of the ever-changing demand for marketing and content, we have created a checklist of things you can do...


Working from Home Tips: Digital Edition

The Bliss team has shared their tips for working from home, all with a digital twist!

From productivity to parenting to podcasts, check out our list of 12 pieces of advice...


29 Isolation Tips to Make You Smile

The Bliss team has compiled a list of more lighthearted isolation and work-from-home tips, not to undermine the situation, but just to bring a few minutes of comic relief to your day.


Marketing Activities To Do During Covid-19

Whilst continuing marketing may be the last thing on your mind, now is the perfect time to make a positive impression to potential customers whilst keeping your current customers informed and happy.

In this article, we've shared our strategy for our own customers (along with ourselves) for using marketing effectively right now.