Thinking on our feet (and in our chairs)

At BLISS, we know that thinking goes hand in hand with achieving. With this in mind, we believe it’s important to always look before leaping, so to speak. We rate our thinking tactics pretty high, and here’s why.

"Thinking as a team opens up all sorts of unexpected doors. It's where some of our best ideas come from".

Digital Marketing Manager, BLISS

Beginning with your brand and its objectives, we plan our approach according to each individual client. As a team we are precise and particular, working collaboratively to determine ideas; being a small team allows us to function as a collective as well as independently with ease.

We embrace the diversity of our collective skill-set and use it to identify the best and most relevant ideas during brainstorming. It’s important to us that our clients have a clear idea of what’s going on at every stage, and we welcome you to think with us.

Whilst planning strategies, we look objectively at our clients’ full spectrum of digital interaction. We craft campaigns to suit every platform, from microsites to mobile, social media to search engines, helping your business touch all bases. You could say we believe in getting ahead of ourselves. Whichever route we decide to take, you can guarantee your brand message and business objectives will run at the heart of everything we do.

Thinking as a team

As a team, we commit to weekly creative meetings in order to discuss our portfolio of clients, alongside any developments amongst the group. As a way of keeping check on all our projects, each member of the team talks about what they’ve been working on, giving the entire group a clear idea of what stage each project is at.

We believe this is important for two reasons: one, we like to talk to each other; and two, we welcome any opportunity that offers an additional insight into any area of our work. All feedback adds to the finished product, which ultimately benefits all those involved.


Without blowing our own trumpet too much (okay just a little more), we do more than your average digital agency. We don’t want to merely design you a pretty website or mobile app and see what happens—we want to know what’s already going on before we even attempt to design it, and then use the ongoing feedback from our work to continually improve your product.

Although we like to think we know best (well who doesn’t?), we understand this is a two way partnership, and no partnership excels without the commitment of both sides.

In order to give you our best, we like to work closely alongside the running of your business to ensure our thinking is cohesive, providing services and solutions that integrate fluidly. We like to think about your business’s future from every angle.

And as you might have guessed, we like to think big.

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