The story so far...

In a time of economic and commercial difficulty, our modest approach to business combined with a creative ambition and passion for what we do has allowed us to grow organically, in a relatively short length of time, into one of Manchester’s most reputable digital agencies.

We've had some great opportunities, but we also work damned hard.

Managing Director

BLISS was founded in January 2010 by Jon Stutfield, hand-selecting a team made of the brightest digital talent he’d had the opportunity to work with during his then 15 years in the industry. Together we have a shared vision—that a service agency should be a pleasure to work with, not only at the beginning, but throughout the lifespan of the relationship.

High quality, low cost, exceptional value

When BLISS was established, one of our goals was to provide the quality normally associated with large agencies, but without the high costs. We’ve achieved this by keeping our overheads low whilst retaining the production values that are necessary for a smooth project lifespan.

But more important than low cost is high value, and we accomplish this by ensuring that everything we do provides a predicted, measurable return on investment.

Curating Creativity

There’s no question that the driving factor behind our ongoing success, are the people that work hard every day to consistently create ever-better work. Over the years we’ve organically moulded a team of passionate form and function specialists, that aren’t simply brilliant at what they do, but love doing it, and enjoy working with one another.

A boring workplace breeds boredom. And boredom breeds mediocrity. We’ve always strived to make BLISS a fun place to work. We encourage communication and collaboration, and everyone within the company bears some responsibility; every team member is essential.

You’ll struggle to find anyone at BLISS who sees what they do as merely a job—and we think it shows in the quality of our output.

The future

We now work alongside established national and global agencies such JWT, True North and Code ComputerLove, and attract clients including Sony Ericsson, Schwarzkopf, British, Hasbro and Umbro.

As of the summer of 2014, we're establishing a satellite office in The Netherlands. More info on this coming soon.

We’ll continue to build strong, enjoyable relationships with our extended family, and we’d love you to join us. We will also be working closer with local educational establishments and looking to contribute more to our fantastic community.

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