Bliss is a Net Zero business.

We painstakingly measure our impact on the environment, including the carbon generated by our clients’ servers and our staff’s homes, allowing us to set targets to reduce our impact.

For anything that can’t be completely eradicated, we offset using Gold Standard approved projects via our partner Ecologi.

Remote and flexible working

At Bliss, we've embraced a remote-first work model, empowering our team with the flexibility to thrive. This shift isn't just about individual preferences; it's about harnessing the benefits of both focused, independent work and collaboration.

    Top Talent, Globally Sourced

    We can tap into a wider pool of exceptional talent, regardless of location. This ensures we benefit from the best minds, wherever they may be.

    Enhanced Focus and Productivity

    Remote work fosters an environment conducive to deep concentration. This translates to efficient project completion and a commitment to delivering high-quality results.

    Flexibility for All

    We understand the value of work-life balance. Our approach allows team members to manage personal commitments while staying on top of projects. This translates to a more engaged and satisfied workforce, ultimately benefiting our clients.

While we value focused work, we also recognise the importance of collaboration

To bridge the physical distance, we host quarterly events that foster team spirit and connection. Additionally, we provide access to co-working spaces, giving team members the option to connect in person whenever needed.

Our core value is flexibility. By empowering our team to work in ways that optimise their focus and well-being, we ensure they're fully dedicated to delivering exceptional results. This remote-first approach ensures our clients benefit from a highly skilled, motivated team working at their peak – all focused on exceeding our clients expectations.

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