Little and Often

We like to do our bit here at BLISS; as the saying goes, every little helps. Sustainable living is ‘existing’ if you like, in a way that considers others and the environment first, free from negative impact on the world around us.

"As well as choosing Fairtrade, we try to source from small local suppliers that care about where their beans are grown."

Jon Stutfield
MD & Chief Coffee Drinker

We try to apply this to our working environment, aiming to make wise decisions about what we buy, where we buy it from and how we use it. It may be unrealistic or downright impractical for us to work in a treehouse turned office space, or any other super-eco friendly building you saw on Grand Designs—but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Here’s how we’re trying.

Out with the ‘old’

A simple but undeniably important thing is recycling. Arguably, everyone is at it these days, but it's something we’ve always paid attention to. We recycle everything from paper, cans and bottles, to general waste and cardboard boxes—something we’re never in short supply of! In order to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste we throw away each day without even realising, we have two recycling points in the office as opposed to individual desk bins.

Every little helps

We also try to keep printing to a minimum, which isn’t too tricky with us being a digital agency. All the stationary we buy, where possible, is recycled. We only light areas of the office when it’s needed, and we never throw old furniture away, but ensure that it’s recycled or goes to charity.

BLISS are primarily fueled by creativity and coffee. And believing that good things shouldn’t have to come at a price, we buy all our coffee Fairtrade. As well as choosing Fairtrade, we try to source from small local suppliers that care about where their beans are grown. Not only are we doing our bit for the environment, but we think it tastes better, and welcome you to sample a cup if you’re passing by!

As well as better coffee, we also buy Fairtrade and eco-friendly tea and cleaning materials, whilst steering clear of any disposable cups.

Healthy bodies, healthy minds

Being an energetic and healthy bunch (most days), a fair few of us ride our bikes to work. Good for both the team and the environment, we have a cycle to work scheme that offers employees the chance to save up to 33% on a bike and equipment. Over half of our staff take part in this scheme, but we (non-cyclists) like to think you can’t tell which half.