What you can expect

Working with Bliss

Our goal is to make digital work for your business

We are not a web design agency. That is, we’re not driven by the desire to sell websites. We get our kicks from helping our customers reach their long-term objectives, and have designed our business around this vision.

We want to make digital work for you

We’ll use specially designed tools and processes to identify opportunities and help guide you towards success. Our team of marketers, designers and engineers will augment your in house skills, providing strategic advice, innovative development and ongoing support.

And yes, that does sometimes involve building websites.

We’re considerate & conscious

We have always remained true to our raison d’être, that a digital agency should be a joy to work with. Cultivating relationships based on mutual trust, transparency, patience and understanding has been one of the cornerstones of our success. It also, without a doubt, leads to far superior work. 

We want to work with clients whose mission we believe in, projects that we feel benefit the world in some way, and we want to consistently deliver our absolute best.

We use only the best technology

We don’t take chances with our customers’ assets. That’s why we won’t use unsuitable technology to solve valuable business problems, just to keep our margins up.

The websites, apps, and campaigns we create are built to last. We future-proof where possible and our approach means that future visual redesigns needn’t involve functional overhauls. You’ll save money in the long term.

We always use popular open source technology and supply transferable licenses. You’ll work with us because you want to, not because our choice of technology forces you.

We're sustainable and responsible

A digital agency may not leave the largest carbon footprint, but it’s still important to us to do our bit for the environment wherever possible. We try to make engaged decisions about what we buy, where we buy it from, and how we use it. That goes for energy, paper and stationary, cleaning supplies, tea and coffee. Naturally we recycle, and we encourage our staff to cycle to work by providing discounted bikes and equipment to the team; over half of which regularly cycle in.

We’re also committed to valuing diversity, and seek to provide all staff with the opportunity for employment and personal development on the basis of ability, qualifications, suitability, and potential. We tolerate no direct or indirect discrimination or harassment, and we encourage our team in their daily actions, decisions and behaviour to endeavour to promote these concepts.

In Plain Talk

"I’ve never really thought of Bliss as a web design agency. Our motivation is in growing our customers’ organisations by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digital and design. That’s why we see ourselves as more of a ‘digital partner’."

Who you’ll be working with

Our team consists of developers, designers, and digital marketing experts. Each specialise in their own area, but also possess a holistic understanding of what our agency does as a whole, leading to more connected, considerate thinking.

(Want to join our team? Visit our vacancies page for more information.)

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Jon Stutfield

    Jon has over two decade's experience in the digital sector, put into practice to ensure our high quality output meets your business objectives.

  • Chief Technical Officer

    Conor Clafferty

    Conor will lead the technical effort, making sure your products are built on a stable and modular foundation that won't let you down.

  • Chief Production Officer

    Laurie Peacock

    Laurie will plan and track the progress of your project, using a flexible agile approach. His determination to ensure a project’s success is unrelenting.

  • Web Developer

    Tom Wilks

    Tom heads up our front-end offering, ensuring our clients and products are at the forefront of web technologies and best practices.

  • Paid Digital Manager

    Brian Adamski

    As well as managing your day-to-day paid digital marketing, Brian will work with you pro-actively to identify and exploit SEO and PPC opportunities for your business.

  • Marketing Manager

    Rachel Sharman

    Rachel will produce strategy and content for your project, to creatively and cleverly build your brand and promote it to your audience.

  • Designer

    Sam Pickersgill

    Sam uses his sharp eye for interface design and knowledge of user behaviour to create delightful digital experiences for our customers.