Custom development work needed

A 24-hour interactive webinar sounds difficult enough to organise but when the NHS discovered that none of the existing webinar platforms suited their specific needs, they needed some digital expertise, stat.

Their ideal webinar platform would:

  • Feature live streams
  • Promote real-time inclusive interaction
  • Encourage contribution from healthcare professionals, patients and change leaders

And, most importantly...

  • Engage the audience through a wide selection of discussions and talks across the 24 hours

And so, the NHS turned to Bliss to bring this custom webinar development to life.

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Building a prototype

Anyone can watch a live discussion, but getting the users involved was a key aspect to this development project. So ensuring that barriers to engagement remained low was a priority.

Rather than diving headfirst into the final project, Bliss started by building a prototype.

This helped nail the specific functionality the NHS needed, highlighted any engagement barriers and raised questions which were invaluable to the development and advancement of the application.

We only really discovered limitations once the prototype was built. But it was still early in the planning stage, so we had time to make informed decisions.

- Bliss Developer

Once the 'what ifs' had been exhausted, it was time for the developers to get cracking with the coding and looking for flaws.


Back-end development

The client-side of this project was built using React.js (a JavaScript library used for creating user interfaces) and Socket.io (a JavaScript library used for real-time communications). React.js was at the forefront due to the re-usability of components, and because it allows developers to create complex user-interfaces with lightning fast updates for the end-user.

We also used Redis in the back-end. It’s a super fast, memory-based database which is great for storing and retrieving small pieces of data (eg. chat messages, polls and questions). It comes with built-in functionality to watch for changes and alert multiple servers when a new message is received.

By using these technologies, we accomplished our goal to provide a stream of seamless updates to the end-users, resulting in a great user experience

- Bliss Developer


Webinar in action

The NHS webinar went off without a hitch, with the software Bliss built being its stable foundation throughout the 24 hours. Our CEO, Jon summed up the project and how we provided the NHS with exactly what the required:

  • An extremely challenging, but achievable, deadline? Check ✅
  • A project that demands an innovative solution? Check ✅
  • The chance to work with a national institution in the NHS? Check ✅
  • A final product that will be used for the greater good? Check

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