Our methodology for digital success

Assess & Plan

Take control, set goals and plan for the future

Digital success doesn’t come easy, despite what some may say. In a landscape with increasingly fierce and intelligent competition, long-term growth planning is essential. Doing it well requires mutual trust and close cooperation between you and your agency.

We’ve built our entire business around this ethos.

A quick summary of our Assess & Plan approach

  • Know what you want to achieve, but not sure how digital can help?
    We’ll work together to help you gain long-term success with an actionable growth plan.

  • Been burnt in the past? Feel like you’re constantly playing whack-a-mole? 
    Let’s focus on getting your product(s) bug-free and stable, so we can start looking to the future.

Solid Foundations

"It’s tempting to jump into a solution, or copy what the competition’s doing. In our experience if that doesn’t fail, it certainly isn’t very effective. Our Assess & Plan services use insight & intelligence to build the foundations for long-term digital growth."

  • Lean Digital Strategy Workshop

    Align your organisation’s goals to achievable digital actions

    Our Digital Strategy Framework, exclusive to Bliss customers, quickly allows us to understand your ambitions and hurdles. This way we ensure that our solutions are relevant, focused, and future-proof.

    No waste. Higher returns. Extended digital growth.

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  • Audit & Secure

    Consolidate and secure your services; robust soil from which to grow

    Before starting any Growth, Support or Design & Build services with you, we’ll want to make sure you are secure and stable.

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  • Quick Wins

    There are always ways we can improve your current situation and make quick gains

    Using the results of the Lean Digital Strategy Workshop and any review sessions we’ve undertaken for you, we’ll pull together a simple project of Quick Wins.

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Case Study

Creating Smart, Lean Design Solutions in 5 Days

PlaceChangers are a small startup who observed major challenges in the way consultations are currently carried out around urban and rural planning, and developed the idea for a digital service that would improve this process.

We held an intensive design workshop with the client and several external stakeholders, where we thrashed out ideas and honed what the overall concept would become. The workshop interrogated the original business case, and explored the needs and desires of the various user types and stakeholders.

This was a physical session where we encouraged participants to bring their expertise to the table and explore the full potential scope of the project, through exercises like brainstorming, role playing, scenario mapping and sketching.

From concept to reality

We produced a creative and functional brief outlining the proposed product, generated user flow diagrams and a range of high fidelity visuals, and continued to consult on the development of the PlaceChangers MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The scope for what this product could become is huge, but it was essential that we initially concentrated on the core functionality that will differentiate it from the competition, and lend an innovative edge that helps garner investor interest.