There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy

It has to be unique to your organisation, and rooted in a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, behaviours and trigger points. 

With that insight, we work hand-in-hand with you to make every campaign count. Because we offer the above activities on an individual basis, they really sing when you put them all together. 

It’s what we do best at Bliss - create integrated marketing strategies. This means we know how each of these elements work together, and so we design strategies that use them all.

Marketing activities Bliss offers

At Bliss, we offer a range of marketing services to help realise your digital dreams. You can find out more about our specialities below.

  • Marketing strategy

    Strategy is key to long-term marketing success. Meet your business goals with our results-driven marketing strategies. Bliss can…

    • Integrated marketing strategy - create and implement an in-depth marketing strategy which utilises multiple channels
    • Marketing knowledge - work with your team to share marketing best practices
    • Reports - provide monthly reports to track digital progress
    • Full campaign - create a one-off campaign utilising different marketing channels
  • Paid marketing/PPC

    Paying to advertise across the internet gives the unique opportunity to precisely target potential customers. Bliss can…

    • Google Ads Grant - manage the free, monthly $10k grant available to charities
    • Paid adverts set up - create accounts, set up tracking and give best practice advice for paid campaigns
    • Paid marketing retainer - manage adverts and campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, YouTube or LinkedIn
  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Search Engine Optimisation will boost traffic to your website, keep it running smoothly and make it a breeze to use. Bliss can…

    • SEO Audit - measure your website’s performance and uncover issues with our in-depth audit
    • SEO Project - fix SEO issues with a one-off project 
    • SEO Retainer - fix issues and improve the website with ongoing optimisations
    • SEO Migration - maintain your website’s SEO when changing to a new website 
    • Link Building - provide new, authoritative links to your website
  • Other marketing solutions

    Bliss provides many other marketing solutions too, including: affiliates links, PR strategies, implementing social proof. We can…

    • Press release creation - write ad-hoc press releases and distribute to relevant publications
    • Affiliate websites - create and manage links on relevant affiliates
    • Reviews - set up and manage review software for your website
  • Content marketing

    The content your business produces shapes how the world sees it, so it’s important to make every word and image count. Bliss can…

    • New website content - create SEO-based content for new websites
    • Updating website content - improve existing website content
    • Page builds - work alongside designers to create high performing webpages
    • Blog creation - write and design SEO-based blogs on an ad-hoc basis
    • Content audit - undertake a thorough audit to establish underperforming content 
    • Content calendar - build a strategic plan of new content to be created
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation - measure a page’s performance and suggest changes to improve its conversion rate
    • Content marketing retainer - make consistent and strategic improvements to your website’s content to bring in more traffic
  • Email marketing

    Directly target the people most interested in your business with smart email campaigns designed to convert. Bliss can…

    • Email marketing strategy - provide a list of automations to build and an email marketing calendar
    • Campaign creation - create individual emails ready to send
    • Email marketing audit - measure your previous emails’ effectiveness and improving your email list
    • Email template creation - design a branded email template for future use
    • Email marketing retainer - An audit, strategy and new template followed by ongoing email campaign management
  • Social media

    The power of social media is only growing but also getting busier, so it’s key to stay active and make every post count. Bliss can…

    • Social media strategy - provide a long-term strategy to improve your social media and its effectiveness
    • Social media retainer - Strategy + content creation for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn

Explore other services

At Bliss, we offer a range of design, development and marketing services to help realise your digital dreams. You can find out more about our specialities below.

  • Strategy

    Align your organisation’s goals to achievable actions with our strategy service and get a better understanding of how to grow your business digitally.

    More on strategy
  • Development

    Want to improve your online presence? Our agile teams can rise to any digital challenges to develop innovative solutions.

    More on development
  • Design

    Our design work ensures that your digital services aren’t just attractive, they will also work brilliantly for your users from day one.

    More on design
  • Support

    Your website or software will run smoothly under the care of our support team, who are only a message away to fix any problems.

    More on support
  • Drupal

    We’ve specialised in Drupal websites and apps for over a decade thanks to their reliability, usability and flexibility.

    More on drupal

Are you interested in discussing how to improve your marketing? Or perhaps you want to try a new activity? Drop us a message below!