Design Overview

Our design work combines client voice, creativity and a deep understanding of how users interact with websites

  • Device compatible

    Our designs look stunning and work smoothly on all devices

  • Conversion-focused

    Not just a pretty face! Our designs encourage calculated flow through websites

  • Look your best

    Our creative team’s innovative designs reflect all sorts of business digitally 

Design Case Studies

Check out how other non-profit, charity and membership organisations have benefited from our design services with our case studies below

How our design service works

Bliss utilises an agile design process to achieve digital success for our clients.

Discovery phase

We begin with a comprehensive and collaborative user experience discovery phase that kicks off the creative process. This gives our clients the opportunity to provide context to any issues or problems they may be experiencing (because you know we’re going to fix them with intuitive design work!)

This process allows us to lay the foundations for the project by:

  • Detailing the updated site architecture
  • Plotting user goals, behaviours and journeys 
  • Establishing the key performance indicators

Development phase

Having completed our discovery, it’s time to start the visual development stage of the project.

In most cases, how the project will look is determined by pre-existing branding guidelines, however, in this stage in collaboration with the client, a new and exciting visual language can be developed, gathering inspiration from a diverse selection of media and print to be pieced together to shape a new creative direction.

Designing phase

We’ll be in constant communication as the designs begin to take shape, so you can provide us with your feedback. 

Our creative and development teams also work in close proximity to ensure that our creative is feasible and effective, whilst our visual direction is carried through to the highest quality and consistency during the build process.