Design activities Bliss offers

Whether your charity or nonprofits needs to create new branding or update an existing website to become more user or conversion focused, we offer a comprehensive range of design services.

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Web Design

We specialise in creating unique websites that not only leave a lasting impression on visitors but are focused on converting users into donors, volunteers, and supporters. We can:

  • Website design - Create new, dynamic websites which put users and your campaigns as the centre of the design.

  • Website redesign - Redesign your existing website based on established web design heuristics to improve accessibility, user experience or conversion rates.

User Experience and Interface Design

We will work with you to understand your user’s and organisation's needs. With practical UX research techniques we can help create an experience for your website or digital product that is both effective and engaging. We can:

  • User research and analysis - Conduct user research to understand the needs and pain points of your target audience. We can use this information to design an experience that is both intuitive and efficient.

  • Information architecture - Create an information architecture structure that allows users to easily find what they need and navigate through your website with ease.

  • Wireframing and prototyping - Create wireframes and prototypes of your website or digital product to test with major stakeholders and users. Regular feedback allows us to iterate the design and make sure that it is meeting the needs of your users.

Brand Design and Redesign

Your brand is your organisation’s most important asset, if your brand is outdated or not resonating with your target audience, it could be hurting your ability to attract donors, volunteers, and supporters.We can work with you to develop and maintain your organisation's brand's visual identity across all digital and print materials. We can:

  • Brand identity design - Create a visually appealing and memorable brand identity that includes your organisation’s logo, colours, typeface and messaging.

  • Brand style guide development - Create a brand style guide that provides guidance on how to use your brand identity consistently across all of your communications and marketing materials.

  • Brand redesign - If your existing brand is outdated or not resonating with your target audience, we can help you to redesign it. We will work with you to update your brand identity and messaging to reflect your current mission, values, and goals.

Digital Asset Design

Your digital assets are the visual representations of your organisation's brand. They include your social media graphics, infographics, illustrations and more. Your digital assets play a vital role in communicating your mission, engaging your audience, and driving support. We can:

  • Social media graphics design - Design visually appealing and engaging social media graphics that help you to connect with your audience and promote your cause.

  • Infographic design - Design informative and visually appealing infographics that help you to communicate complex data and ideas in a clear and concise way.

  • Other digital assets - Design other digital assets, such as email templates, presentations, reports and marketing materials.

Explore other services

At Bliss, we offer a range of design, development and marketing services to help realise your digital dreams. You can find out more about our specialities below.

  • Strategy

    Align your organisation’s goals to achievable actions with our strategy service and get a better understanding of how to grow your business digitally.

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  • Development

    Want to improve your online presence? Our agile teams can rise to any digital challenges to develop innovative solutions.

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  • Support

    Your website or software will run smoothly under the care of our support team, who are only a message away to fix any problems.

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  • Marketing

    Get your business in front of more of the right people with our full range of marketing activities, including SEO, Paid Marketing, Content, Social and Email.

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  • Drupal

    We’ve specialised in Drupal websites and apps for over a decade thanks to their reliability, usability and flexibility.

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