Assess & Plan : Component

Audit & Secure

Consolidate and secure your services; robust soil from which to grow

Before starting any Growth, Support or Design & Build services with you, we’ll want to make sure you are secure and stable.

We therefore recommend a quick review period to identify any current issues to fix and opportunities to take advantage of.

We’ll follow this with a Technical and Digital Marketing audit to look deeper into issues that might not be immediately apparent. This includes areas such as security, performance, search engine visibility. This consolidates your digital foundation, allowing you to get running and make quick gains, before looking at future transformation.

Looking Forward

We analyse the codebase of your services and stress the hardware they rest on, probing for weaknesses and identifying potential risks to your business. From this we establish predicted future costs to repair, extend, and improve. It’s important to know where you stand.

  • Concerned about the security of your online services?
    Our Technical Audit will identify security and performance concerns, allowing us to patch and update where necessary.

  • Feel your SEO rankings are suffering unnecessarily?
    There are usually a few amends we can make to give your visibility a quick boost.

Shall we get started?

Discover digital success

Know where you stand

"Our advice is delivered in a report, with a clear breakdown of our assessment. We want you to feel confident in our recommendations, and trust that we’ve left no stone unturned."