Our Methodology for Digital Success

Design & Build

Support your growth with excellent digital experiences

Our creative and development services provide your organisation with the assets it needs to achieve its goals. We deliver only the very best websites and apps, and our design approach gives you flexibility and independence when you need it.

A summary of key elements of our design & build services

  • Ever been forced to use an agency because of their choice of technology?
    We use popular, open-source technology to ensure you only work with us because you want to.

  • Does your website look great but fail to achieve what it needs to?
    Our rigorous creative processes make sure design is led by purpose and understanding, not trends and personal taste.

Integrated and collaborative design

“Our approach to creating digital experiences is effective because it involves all stakeholders. Our design sprints are conducted in close collaboration with our clients and our marketing team, strategists, and technical team. There is no ‘creative genius’, but a group of experts brought together for end results that are far greater than the sum of their parts.”

  • Design Sprints & Workshops

    Creating digital experiences that inspire, educate, and convert

    Our rigorous creative approach will ensure that your digital services aren’t just attractive—they will also work brilliantly for your users from day one.

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  • Drupal Development

    Powerful, feature-rich websites that give you unparalleled control

    Great creative is worthless without a stable technical foundation. Bliss specialise in Drupal development, thanks to its unbeatable power, reliability, and flexibility.

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  • Software Development

    Innovation unrestrained by technology

    Sometimes a website just doesn’t cut the mustard. Do you need an interactive billboard, mobile app, or maybe a reservation system? Perhaps several smart technologies tied together? Our agile creative and technical teams can rise to any digital challenges.

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Case Study

Delivering global humanitarian news and insight

IRIN News needed to redesign and develop their website in order to aggressively grow their international readership of humanitarian news.

  • Site speed and performance were a major concern that affected both our visual and technical approach.

  • Information Architecture was a top priority, and challenge. We studied user patterns, thematic similarities, and article distribution in order to dramatically simplify the site's taxonomic structures.

  • Following the migration of 83,307 pages and 38,061 images, we performed full migration audit to minimise the negative SEO impact of launching the new website.

  • Using Drupal gave us the confidence that the site is robust enough to deal with IRIN's high traffic levels and handles multi-language content and editorial workflows, whilst having the flexibility to allow the website to continue to grow.

IRIN News, one of the world's leading providers of humanitarian news and analysis, approach Bliss with a single, clear goal:

We need to multiply our readership by 10

From our kickoff workshop we realised the following aims and constraints:

  • Design a fully responsive user experience
  • Allow content to be managed by a handful of administrators around the world
  • Work in several different languages (including Arabic)
  • Deliver content to millions of visitors using an endless array of devices and in different environments
  • Retain existing content and the strong organic search traffic that came with it
  • Work within a firm and immovable budget

We delivered a fully responsive website that is highly usable and efficient. Reports, in-depth articles and other content are now better organised and easier to find. Improved navigation and intelligent search allows users to access the right information quickly.

A robust CDN (content delivery network), several levels of intelligent caching, and on-page techniques like lazy loading images, ensure that the site is speedy and stable, regardless of device and internet speed.

News reports on IRIN are often the latest event in an ongoing story. The new platform allows IRIN staff to extend reports by creating timelines to guide readers through the history of the story. Content can currently be published in English, French and Arabic, with more languages coming soon.

"The website BLISS delivered is faster, simpler, easier to search, and looks great on mobiles and tablets. It allows us to deliver more dynamic and visual content, on a range of platforms, as we continue to develop our storytelling.

We passionately believe that with the right combination of on-the-ground reporting and flexible content delivery, we can make more people care, understand and act on the many crises around the world."

Ben Parker
Chief Executive, IRIN News