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Design Sprints & Workshops

Creating digital experiences that inspire, educate, and convert

Our rigorous creative approach will ensure that your digital services aren’t just attractive—they will also work brilliantly for your users from day one.

Getting stuck in

Our creative approach is built around mapping your present situation to you future desires and goals. Our design workshops can last from a few hours to several days, and allow us to work closely with you to battle through your bugbears and build the plan towards achieving your vision together.

We find these sessions can often lead to you asking yourselves things you previously hadn't considered, and learning more about your organisation. The outcomes are compiled into an evaluative report which not only informs our ongoing creative process, but acts a useful takeaway for your organisation.

Why sprinting isn’t rushing

We break down our design process into 5 day sprints. These are rapid sessions that involve daily reviews with your team. This maximises efficiency, and keep all stakeholders fully invested. It can be intense, but the results will surprise you.

Your rapid and regular feedback keeps us focused, and minimises time wasted going down the wrong route. We’ll work together on everything from Information Architecture and wireframing to the final fully fleshed concepts and prototypes.

Our creative and development teams work in close proximity to ensure that our creative is feasible and effective, whilst our visual direction is carried through to the highest quality and consistency during the build process. 

Shall we get started?

Discover digital success

The key is close collaboration

“We have run design sprints for tourism companies, human rights organisations, sports retailers, pharmaceutical companies and everything in between. We usually discover that there is more to the brief than meets the eye; and the close, rapid collaboration that our sprints entail leads to far more effective and comprehensive results.”