Our methodology for digital success

Support & Grow

Continually improve performance and track success

Bliss is focussed on the desire to help our customers reach their long-term objectives. Our Support and Growth services are designed to provide guidance, measure performance and build success. And our ethos of continual improvement ensures you're always moving forwards.

Our support & grow methodology

  • Ever wondered where your digital marketing budget goes?
    We're relentlessly transparent. Our bespoke reporting systems give you important information at a glance, and everything else at a click.

  • Already have a marketing team with digital skills?
    Perfect! We can achieve more when we collaborate, and love integrating our team with our customers'.

Transparency & Collaboration

“Our integrated approach combines your organisational & industry knowledge with the collective experience of our full team. We report back regularly, learn rapidly from insights, and react quickly to change.”

  • Growth Strategy

    Maximising awareness, conversion, and retention through flexible forward-thinking

    We’ll develop a roadmap that takes advantage of the best digital tools & opportunities to raise your organisation’s profile online, improve conversion rates, and increase the life-time value of your customers.

    Our regular performance analysis feeds into delivering better results each and every month.

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  • Digital Support

    Providing you and your team with strategic, creative and technical support, when you need it

    As your digital partner we work with you develop your services, proactively keep them secure and stable, and provide continuous reporting and insight.

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  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Incremental data-driven improvements to keep you at the top of your game

    Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of iteratively improving your website to increase the rate at which visitors become customers. Simple changes, such as the wording on a button, or the position of a form, can increase your conversion rate dramatically.

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  • Managed Hosting

    Your web services are secure with us, so you can concentrate on the important things

    Our hosting services provide you with everything you need to run a site securely.

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Case Study

Standing still is moving backwards

One of our areas of expertise is the UK tourism industry, where we’ve helped holiday parks across the country consistently improve their services and online revenue year after year. We stay ahead of the competition, experiment and test relentlessly, and speak directly to customers to provide better content, features, and value.

We perform Support & Growth services for, amongst others, Argyll Holidays in Scotland, Vale Holiday Parks in Wales, and Holiday Resort Unity in Somerset. Tourism is an industry that knows that responding to change and to the competition is essential to your survival—an understanding that translates to the future-thinking approach we take with our client’s digital services.

Over the years we’ve developed a rich knowledge of our support clients’ objectives, unique positioning and messaging, industry hurdles and opportunities, customer desires and irritations, and combined it with comprehensive data analysing user behaviour, to develop rolling growth strategies that continue to return great results.

Through our Digital Marketing services, ongoing Conversion Rate Optimisation, and iterative technical improvements to speed, stability, and usability, we’ve proved the immense value of ongoing improvement. Digital services should never be left to stagnate. After all, if you’re standing still, you’re really moving backwards.

increase in online revenue one client saw after one year with us
increase in holiday searches after a minor CRO amend
increase in Argyll Holiday's online revenue since working with Bliss