Designing for people

Creativity is at the forefront of everything we do—you could say it’s in our blood. We are firm believers that clear and concise design can transform brands if given the time and scope it deserves. For us, design isn’t just about the pretty visuals. We like to cover all the bases.

Design drives everything we do—we always try to see the bigger picture.

Creative Director

Our design process may be fueled by creative passion, but is also clever and consistent, observing content and branding, development challenges and marketing objectives. Working on designs in this way allows us to constantly update and evaluate ideas, producing work that exceeds expectations.

Creating brilliant design solutions is what we do best—websites, Facebook apps, mobile sites and apps, branding, and so much more, all with equal enthusiasm. As a rule, we tend to ignore trends and look outside the 'virtual' box for inspiration, valuing longevity over fancy and kitsch.

We’ve been known to get a tad obsessive over colour palettes, and sometimes a little pedantic when tracking type. In fact we think it’s safe to say that pixel perfection comes as a prerequisite, producing some pretty impressive design work that has, in the past, rendered our clients speechless. In a good way, obviously!

Long-standing Solutions

For us, design is about creating solutions. We are directed by the aesthetics of our client’s existing brand and the objectives of the project. We’d like to say great design just happens alongside, and whilst this is partly true, we also care about making our products attractive.

We know beautiful products are a pleasure to use, making you more likely to talk about them and use them again. Through constant revision and improvement, our products continue to evolve, improve, and thrive. We actively anticipate how people will interact with our designs, applying responsive and adaptive design where necessary, but not for the sake of it. We like to invest our time wisely.

Another String to our Bow

From its inception, we are conscious of how a design will be built. All our designers have a technical knowledge, which means we sustain a fantastic balance between the two disciplines; a mutual understanding between designers and developers; a harmony between the ‘why’ and ‘how’.

As a result, we don’t suffer from breakdowns of communication between designers and developers, the sort that may lead to illogical solutions and misplaced targets.

We like to solve problems as we go and anticipate change early. Our focus is on designing modular and flexible visual frameworks that are easily adaptable to technological and social change. And easy to update, because we like to make our life easier too.

Website design will always be at the heart of what we do. However, with people accessing websites through an ever growing array of digital devices, we embrace developments within the field and the chance to reevaluate and improve our services.

After all, we want your customers, and potential customers, to stick by your brand as long as we do.

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