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More than ever we want to work with businesses that make the world a better place. Whether they’re charities, non-profit organisations, membership organisations or companies with a strong ethical purpose, we hope to support more and more businesses like this going forwards. 

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Agency Values

Our updated values reflect how we work and the sorts of clients we want to work with.

Bliss Agency Values - be good, be harmonious, be open

‘Be good’ is Bliss’s promise to try to do the right thing.

From actively working with clients who are having a net positive impact to championing the environment. We strive to make good choices.

‘Be open’ is how we like to work with our clients.

Both in the sense of transparency, so clients can always know how their accounts are being run. But also because by creating friendships from work relationships, gaining trust and respect.

’Be harmonious’ refers to how we work as a team.

Bliss is a small, friendly digital agency, so we value collective success as much as we do personal victories. This also allows us to work to the same goals even if we don’t agree individually.

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Digital Services

We’ve simplified our offering to make it clear what Bliss can do for you:

  • Strategy - helping you align your organisational objectives to digital initiatives
  • Design - unique and high-quality creative to convert users
  • Development - our team of engineers create websites and apps to help your organisation achieve its purpose
  • Marketing - a full suite of digital marketing services at your fingertips
  • Support - digital support for your team to keep things running smoothly
  • Drupal - a powerful framework that we use to provide clients with cost-effective, scalable digital solutions

You can see here everything which we offer:

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Expanding the Bliss Team

Bliss team members

We’ve welcomed some fantastic team members to Bliss in the past year including developers and a digital account manager. Get to know us better. It’s been brilliant to get some new ideas and perspectives

Though we pride ourselves on being a small, personal team, we are always on the lookout for new talent. If you would like to join Bliss you can find our current vacancies.


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