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Paid marketing for InfoPro’s online and in-person events

25th February 2021

About InfoPro

InfoPro Digital is a market leader in the business-to-business information world. Amongst many ventures, they organise over 145 professional events yearly. 

Advertising events

In February 2020, Bliss was appointed to help promote a select number of these events with paid marketing. Everyone was ready to spend 2020 promoting in-person events around the world... but we all know what happened next.

InfoPro digital adapted quickly to the new way of working with in-person events switched to online. Bliss was tasked with Google and LinkedIn advertising to promote 8 key events in the risk management portfolio to potential delegates and sponsors.

Bliss’s strategy

Being online and with free tickets available, the events were more accessible than ever before. But this was a double-edged sword, as it was the case for everyone in 2020 and there was more to compete against. 

We wanted to bring high volumes of traffic to the websites, however, the events are catered to a niche, executive audience, so ensuring the campaigns were focused on this audience was essential.

Therefore, we chose to focus on the following campaigns:

  • Display Intent
  • Search ads
  • LinkedIn sponsored content 
  • RLSA
  • Remarketing

Targeted audience

To target the right people, we started by building a large list of past website visitors. Then segmenting the list into people interested in registering for the events and companies interested in sponsoring the events. Perfect for remarketing campaigns and RLSA campaigns.

As well as this, we imported CRM data into the LinkedIn Ads platform to generate a highly relevant target audience. We then created lookalike audiences to increase the reach of the campaign without losing the quality of traffic.

We chose to run multiple advertising campaigns per event to target people at different stages of the sales funnel. Switching between them during the run-up to events to capture as much interest as possible. 

Bliss' campaign strategy delivered high volume, targeted traffic to each of our events, resulting in high engagement, and low cost per conversions figures across our event sites.

Brian Adamski, Paid Digital Manager, Bliss

Finally, after each event, we produced an in-depth performance report, to show InfoPro the campaign statistics as well as identifying successes and learnings to continually improve.

The results


Bliss’s paid marketing resulted in conversion rates of almost 40% for display ads and above 60% for search ads. Hitting both the quantity and quality targets.


Across all the campaigns, the average cost per click was under 8p, going down to 2p for a remarketing campaign for one event.


Despite the turbulent year for the events sector in general, InfoPro were pleased with the results of the paid campaigns. In 2021, the risk event portfolio was once again awarded to Bliss and was joined by other InfoPro events from the Insurance sector of the business.

For now, events continue to be run online, but there is a hope that by the end of 2021, things will be able to return to normal and InfoPro can return to their full list of in-person.

We’ve been very happy with the end-of-year results from Bliss. They’ve been easy to work with and are quick to respond and adapt to any changes we need.

Alice Eades, Head of Marketing, at InfoPro

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